Man fleeing police tries to escape – by jumping in Lake Superior


A suspect being chased by Duluth police officers in the Canal Park area this weekend turned to an unusual escape route when a pair of officers cornered him – Lake Superior.

According to a Facebook update from Duluth Police, it all began when one of the officers witnessed a domestic assault in a parking lot across the street from the park.

Police say the officer intervened and attempted to arrest the suspected male, who hightailed it toward the Lake Walk, only to be greeted by another cop.

His path to freedom blocked, the unidentified man climbed over a wall of rocks and splashed into the cold water of Lake Superior.

The escape attempt worked, to a degree – police apparently didn't follow him in. But after 10-15 minutes of wading, he decided he'd had enough and trudged back to shore for the warmth of dry land – and the back of a squad car.

He was arrested for domestic assault and fleeing an officer.

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