Man flees police, dies of hypothermia


A man who ran off after a high-speed police chase in rural northwestern Minnesota early Saturday morning wasn't seen again until he was found dead, apparently of hypothermia, Forum Communications reports.

A Clay County sheriff’s deputy was patrolling state Highway 9 south of Felton and ultimately ended up chasing a car that had sped off at about 1:30 a.m., Forum reports. When the car finally stopped, deputies found one man with the car and two sets of tracks in the snow, leading off away from the vehicle.

Investigating deputies ultimately stopped trying to follow the tracks due to the cold, Forum says.

On Saturday night, the registered owner of the vehicle, who had previously not cooperated with authorities, told them he was worried about one of the men who'd run off because he had not turned up. At noon Sunday, deputies again followed the tracks and eventually found his body, Forum reports.

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