Man from Edina witness to Watertown shootout, has bullet holes in apartment


A man from Edina living in Watertown, Mass., witnessed an overnight shootout between police and two men suspected to be responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings, Patch reports.

Andrew Kitzenberg, who attended Breck School in Minneapolis, said he saw the frightening confrontation and saw one suspect go down and another drive a Mercedes SUV through a police line, Patch reports.

He's been tweeting updates. He tweeted a photo of bullet holes in his apartment wall and chair:

Kitzenberg told Boston TV station WHDH early Friday morning that he had been "terrified," Patch reported. He described what he saw in detail to the New York Times.

Kitzenberg also talked to MSNBC, in which he says it looked like a suspect had a "pressure-cooker" bomb. He describes a long firefight:

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