Man hit with 9 charges in Fridley police standoff case

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A man accused of threatening police during a six-hour stand-off in Fridley last month is facing multiple assault charges, the Anoka County Attorney has announced.

The Pioneer Press reports that 42-year-old Eugene Ryan Boos faces three counts of first-degree assault involving deadly force against a police officer, another three of second degree assault, and a further three counts of unlawfully possessing a firearm, according to a complaint filed against him in Anoka County District Court.

It follows an incident on December 30 in which Boos is accused of barricading himself in an apartment building in Fridley with a woman, as authorities were looking for him after learning he allegedly violated his parole conditions by stowing guns and operating a meth lab, the newspaper said.

Boos had been released from prison a few months earlier, WCCO notes, having been sentenced to serve 17 years for a second-degree intentional murder conviction in 1994.

Police initially went to the building to check on the welfare of children within, only to discover Boos was hiding in a back room when they got there, the news station said. A woman and several children were evacuated at that point.

According to the Star Tribune, the criminal complaint against Boos said that he had threatened to shoot the woman he was with and anybody who entered the apartment during the stand-off.

At one point he pointed the gun at police, and was shot in the hand, before he was eventually arrested.

His bail has been set at $3 million.

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