Man lost in the woods sets up camp, found days later

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A man lost in the woods for nearly a week has been found safe.

The Morrison County Sheriff's Office says 51-year-old Glenn Hoppe went missing early Monday morning.

The Elk River man had been camping with a friend on Crookneck Lake – just southwest of Brainerd – and was last seen leaving his camper.

Hoppe later explained to officials that he had become disoriented and ended up wandering several miles away.

After he realized he'd become lost, the man decided to set up camp in the woods and wait to be found.

Authorities say search crews – including air patrols – swept the area without luck. Additional crews searched along the water, and K-9s were brought in to help.

Then Friday morning, a motorist found Hoppe walking along the road and recognized him from the missing person reports.

The sheriff's department announced that Hoppe had been taken to the hospital for evaluation, noting that he was in "good physical condition."

He's since been reunited with his family.

Off The Grid News says Hoppe did the right thing by setting up camp and staying put.

The source says that if you're not sure which direction will get you out of the woods, it's best to wait. Otherwise you could end up wandering in circles or farther away.

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