Man pleads guilty after DNA links him to cold case rape of 82-year-old woman


Advances in DNA testing have led to a man pleading guilty to the 1996 rape of an 82-year-old Minneapolis woman.

Keith Quinton Haynes, 38, of Minneapolis, pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree criminal sexual conduct and was sentenced to 117 months in prison, the Hennepin County Attorney's office announced.

It follows new DNA evidence that linked him to the rape of the elderly woman on Nov. 16, 1996, while she was walking her dog near Aldrich Avenue North, when she was knocked to the ground from behind between two garages.

He demanded money from her, and when she told him she had none, he proceeded to rape her.

Fluids taken from the victim at a hospital following the attack turned up no leads at the time, but in 2011 the evidence was used to create a DNA profile that in 2013 was matched to Haynes through the National DNA System, the attorney's office said.

Haynes was arrested in Milwaukee that year and upon entering the guilty plea Thursday, apologized to the victim's family.

Unfortunately, his victim wasn't able to see her attacker apprehended. She died in 2008 at the age of 94.

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