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Man shot by Minneapolis police in City Hall charged with stealing a gun, shooting someone

In an update Friday, the BCA said the suspect began injuring himself with a large folding knife.

The man shot by police in a City Hall interview room after he began injuring himself is now facing felony assault charges.

Marcus Fischer, 18, was brought to the interview room in City Hall Monday, because he was suspected of stealing a gun and shooting someone, according to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County Wednesday.

The charges say on Dec. 13, Fischer agreed to meet with someone selling a Kel-Tech 9 mm handgun in an alley in northeast Minneapolis.

Fischer took the gun to examine it, at which point he pulled out his own firearm, said the Kel-Tech 9mm was now his, and shot the seller in the chest, according to the complaint. 

Fischer left the scene. The man who was shot was taken to the hospital; the bullet grazed his heart and came to rest behind it, and he's still recovering in the hospital, the charges say.

Witnesses identified Fischer as the shooter, and police got a warrant to search his home, ultimately finding the stolen Kel-Tech 9 mm and ammo similar to what was used in the shooting, according to the charges.

In an interview with police, Fischer denied pulling the trigger and blamed it on someone else he was with at the time. 

After that interview is when Fischer "attempted to take his own life" inside the City Hall interrogation room, the complaint says.

Officers had left Fischer alone in the room, and came back to find him injuring himself with an "edged weapon," Minneapolis police have said. They tried to subdue him but couldn't, so fired their weapons.

There's no court date for Fischer yet, as he's still in the hospital recovering. He's charged with first-degree robbery and assault, as well as illegally possessing a firearm (for a previous conviction while he was a minor).

BCA releases new details

On Friday afternoon, the BCA released the preliminary findings in its investigation.

The agency said the afternoon of the shooting, officers had left the room to get Fischer a bottle of water. While they were gone, Fischer pulled out a large folding knife he had hidden in his waistband.

He used that to start hurting himself.

When officers returned "several minutes later," they tried to convince him to stop. When he wouldn't drop the knife, one of the officers – David Martinson, an eight-year veteran – used his Taser on Fischer, but it was ineffective.

At that point, the other two Minneapolis police officers in the room fired their guns:

  • Sgt. Gene Suker, who's been with MPD for 20 years.
  • And Jerome Casey, who's been with MPD for a year.

The BCA says surveillance and body cameras recorded the incident.

Once it's done investigating, the agency will send the file over to the Washington County Attorney's Office – they'll look it over to determine whether charges against the officers should be pursued.

The case would normally go to the Hennepin County attorney since it took place in Minneapolis, but that office requested it be sent elsewhere due to a conflict of interest, the BCA noted.

The three officers involved are on standard administrative leave.

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