Motorist says 'thank you' to police for giving him a speeding ticket

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The Plymouth Police Department is being thanked by a motorist for an "unusual" reason – getting a speeding ticket.

The City of Plymouth posted the thank-you email on its Facebook page Wednesday, with the motorist saying:

"I know it might sound a bit odd saying thanks for pulling me over. I know a lot of people get really mad about getting a citation, but I was doing something ... illegal and got called out on it, and it’s my responsibility to pay for it. (The officer) was doing his job, and I really do appreciate all of you looking out for the safety of all of us."

Michael Goldstein, chief of police, told BringMeTheNews this was a "powerful" and "meaningful" note that the department appreciated, saying the fact the motorist recognized the officer was doing his job to help the community was "heartwarming" and "reassuring" to hear.

Goldstein said in the past four to five months the department has been getting more notes from the community in response to the negativity against law enforcement officials across the nation, but in his 11-plus years as chief he has rarely – if ever – received a thank you note from someone who received a citation.

A similar incident happened in Georgia last month. A woman who was pulled over for speeding told the officer, "Thank you," and before driving away, she handed him a note, which thanked him for keeping her and her family safe, noting she knows his job is very dangerous, WSB-TV reported.

And in the United Kingdom, a man who was arrested for drunken driving thanked police for stopping him from going down the wrong path, the Daily Mail reported.

Other instances of community members thanking officers for putting their lives in danger have made headlines or been shared on social media:

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