Man threw flaming bottle into ex's home, tried to flee police out a window, charges say

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A man who police say threw a flaming bottle into his ex-girlfriend's house, and when police went to arrest him he jumped out a window in an attempt to escape, according to charges.

Christian Bonner, 22, of St. Paul, was charged Thursday with first-degree arson and threats of violence, both felonies, in connection with a fire at a South St. Paul home on Dec. 22.

According to the criminal complaint:

A woman who was sleeping on a couch inside the South St. Paul when something crashed through the window. A small fire started near a chair, and she screamed to wake up the others inside the home. A neighbor helped put the fire out.

Inside the home, investigators found a bottle with a cloth hanging out of it that smelled of gasoline and a broken bottle, which had cloth hanging out of part of it, was located near where the fire had been.

Residents said Bonner – a former boyfriend of a woman living in the home – had just gotten out of prison for assaulting the woman, and she had a protection order against him.

When officers responded to Bonner's home, he jumped out of a window and fled from them on foot. He was eventually arrested and taken to the police station.

Bonner denied being in South St. Paul that night, but after speaking with officers he eventually admitted he had thrown two bottles through the window because he wanted to destroy the woman's property because he thought she had gotten him in trouble earlier in the day.

Residents of the home also told investigators they had received Facebook messages about an hour after the fire, which said "(fire emoji) We was trying to kill you" and "You need to see about yo family. You don't know what [expletive] are capable of doing you are now playing a deadly game and it's going to be your life."

The messages appeared to be sent from a fake account that had just been created.

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