Man who reported robbery to police charged with Fargo's largest heroin bust


A Moorhead man who claims he was robbed at gunpoint and beat up in Fargo last week is now behind bars for one of the biggest heroin drug busts in Fargo's history.

ValleyNewsLive reports that Wyatt Brown, 21, is behind bars in Cass County Jail facing charges for possessing 12 grams of heroin. Police also seized a drug scale, more than $1,300 in cash, and a powerful prescription narcotic.

Valley News also reports that earlier this month, Brown told police he was stopped at gunpoint, ordered out of his car and robbed. Police still have questions about that incident and continue investigating.

In a follow story, ValleyNewsLive also takes a look at what is being seen as a new problem in the Fargo-Moorhead area: Heroin addiction.

At the Fargo Psychiatric Clinic Doctor Harjinder Virdee says she started seeing patients come in with heroin addiction about four years ago, "a lot of kids aren't really aware of what they're getting into."

Last fall, authorities busted up a heroin ring in Fargo that had connections to the streets of Minneapolis.

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