Man accused of shooting mom, baby in park pleads guilty


A Twin Cities man has pleaded guilty in a gang-related shooting that left a mother and her baby with permanent injuries.

The incident occurred in June at Peavey Park in Minneapolis, where Hennepin County prosecutors say bullets from Dontae Denae Peterson's gun struck the woman and her 15-month-old daughter.

According to a Thursday press release, Peterson was shooting at an SUV containing a man with whom he'd been feuding and fired "at least eight times."

He's charged with multiple counts of attempted murder and first-degree assault.

The mother received a serious leg wound, while the baby was hit in the abdomen. According to WCCO, the bullet exited the girl's back, leaving her intestines and bowels "permanently damaged."

The following month in the same Minneapolis park, two bystanders were killed in the crossfire of another gang shooting.

Prosecutors say Peterson is a member of the 10z (pronounced "tens') in Minneapolis.

His guilty plea comes at a time when the city is dealing with rising gang and gun violence; the number of homicides in Minneapolis two months ago surpassed the number of those killed in all of 2014, and this fall, a number of men were charged with firearm offenses in what was described as an ongoing "gang war" in the city's streets.

Prosecutors will seek 189 months in prison, or nearly 16 years, for Peterson, who will be sentenced on February 19. He's being held without bail in the meantime.

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