Man who threw cash at MOA says he was just 'having fun'


The 29-year-old man who made national headlines and was cited by police for throwing $1,000 in dollar bills off a Mall of America balcony onto a rotunda says he was just hoping to spread a little holiday joy.

It had previously been reported that Serge Vorobyov threw the cash as a publicity stunt aimed at persuading his ex-girlfriend to get back together with him.

But Vorobyov tells WCCO in a new interview that after a difficult year in which he lost his business and went through a divorce, he was motivated by the desire to do something fun.

“It was my last effort of pay it forward,” Vorobyov said. “I thought I can’t keep up with my bills, I’m losing everything, might as well just have my last little thrill.”

Vorobyov, of Apple Valley, threw the money over the railing from the top level of the mall so that it showered down on an audience as a trio performed the song, "Let it Snow." No one was injured in the Black Friday incident, but Vorobyov was cited for disorderly conduct because mall officials said visitors could have been hurt in a dash for cash.

“I don’t regret it,” Vorobyov told WCCO. “Everyone is having fun and I think that’s what life is about – having fun, just following your heart.”

Vorobyov's brother filmed the incident and they promptly posted the video to YouTube:

Vorobyov said in another YouTube video that he only intended to "spread holiday cheer" and not cause trouble.

Vorobyov has been writing about the experience on his Facebook page, where a few critics told Vorobyov he was being selfish for seeking attention.

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