Man with camera near Fargo pool causes concern; police say he did nothing illegal


A man who was spotted with a camera outside a public pool in Fargo this week is now banned from the site and all parks in the city, even though police say he did nothing illegal.

A Fargo resident posted photos of the man on his Facebook page, saying he'd confronted the man after spotting him apparently taking pictures at the Island Park Pool.

According to the account, the stranger insisted what he was doing was legal and soon left the scene.

The photos of the man led to a whirlwind of shares and angry comments on Facebook.

However, taking photos in a public place is technically legal, the Fargo Forum reports.

Following the activity on social media, Fargo Police said on social media they were aware of the situation and were "speaking with" the man in question.

According to Valley News Live, the man went to the police and showed them his photos, having become aware of the "uproar" surrounding his actions. Police said he did nothing illegal by taking the photos, and described the shots as not criminal in nature, the station reports.

Nonetheless, the Fargo Park District had police "trespass" the photographer, the Fargo Forum says – which means he faces arrest if he shows up at the pool or any other park property.

Valley News Live says the man was also cited Monday for possessing less than a half ounce of marijuana.

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