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Mankato Brewery's comic book cans are geeky goodness

It's also the latest brewery to ditch bottles in favor of cans.

The only thing Mankato Brewery takes seriously "is making great beer," co-founder Tim Tupy said.

But the brewery also wants to show people it can have fun – which is why they've rolled out news cans, with designs Tupy described as "1950s pop art with a comic book vibe."

The brewery released photos of the designs for three brews: The Mad Butcher American IPA, Organ Grinder amber ale, and Kato German style. Each has its own comic book-inspired character, framed in a panel along with the beer's description.

Tupy said the cans will give people a glimpse of who Mankato Brewery is. You can see more images below.

You'll be able to buy Mankato's beers in cans in the next two weeks in Mankato and southern Minnesota, with other areas to follow as soon as possible, Tupy said.

All bottles will become cans

Mankato Brewery has done small runs of cans before, but with the installation of its canning line this week, the brewery will phase out bottles completely.

Not only are the cans a way for the brewery to express itself, but they're also a smart business decision – one that many other craft breweries are making.

First of all, canned beer can go more places. Plus they are more sustainable than bottles and they keep beer fresher (cans block light and are a good barrier against oxygen – both things that can ruin how a beer tastes), Tupy explained.

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