Mankato felon amasses small arsenal


A convicted felon in North Mankato was arrested earlier this week after police found guns and drugs at his home, the Mankato Free Press reports.

A tipster told police that Michael Donald Caya, 29, was “using methamphetamine and acted ‘crazy,’” according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in Nicollet County District Court, the newspaper reported.

Police searched the house after getting a warrant based on evidence of methamphetamine found in Caya's trash, the newspaper reported. Police found drug paraphernalia, gun magazines and numerous weapons, including handguns and rifles, in the house, all within reach of Caya's two children, both under age 5, the Free Press reported.

Caya had been placed on 20 years of probation for a 2006 felony drug possession conviction in Watonwan County, the newspaper reported, so he should not have had weapons. Caya told investigators he had been concerned about a temporary loss of government order and wanted the guns for protection. He also added that he would make a good police officer because he was "a good person with good morals and ethical decisions,” the complaint said.

News of the arrest comes on the heels of another case in which authorities made a chilling discovery about another Minnesota convicted felon amassing weapons. Investigators last week said they had discovered that Christian Philip Oberender, 32, a disturbed Carver County felon who had been released from prison, had collected 13 weapons, including semi-automatic rifles, an AK-47, a Tommy gun, and shotguns and handguns. He was found with the weapons at the home where he killed his mother at age 14 in 1995.

The discoveries come amid a renewed national debate on gun control, and calls by federal and state lawmakers for closing loopholes and filling in cracks that have allowed felons to obtain weapons again.

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