Mankato man accused of tanning booth peeping


Police are investigating a woman's complaint that a Mankato man was spying on her with a cell phone camera while she was naked in a tanning bed, the Mankato Free Press reports.

She told investigators that the man held his phone over a partition wall so that it hovered over her booth at an Anytime Fitness. He told police he was just stretching and might have had his phone in his hand. Police did not find video or images on his phone, but did find recent Google searches on the phone that included “Mankato Police Department” and “Forensic recovery: phone video," the newspaper said.

The man is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 20 for a gross misdemeanor charge of interfering with privacy in a tanning booth.

Tanning booth peeping is as old as cell phone cameras. Peep holes were found at a tanning outlet in Savage earlier this year. Recent cases have surfaced in the Dallas area and in Jacksonville, Fla.

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