Mankato woman, 23, leaves hospital after second heart transplant


A Mankato woman has left the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Thursday, about two weeks after she successfully underwent a second heart transplant operation, KAAL-TV reports.

Alyssa Sandeen, who turned 23 in April, received her second heart transplant at the end of last month.

Sandeen has been at the hospital for the past eight months, she'll now transition into the Gift of Life transplant house in Rochester and will remain in the city until the end of September in case any complications arise.

The woman received her first heart transplant at age 8 after suffering through cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart muscle. It caused her heart to swell four times its normal size.

The Mankato Free Press says Sandeen’s first donor heart began to fail in 2011, as she approached the typical 15-year life cycle of a transplant heart.

Sandeen's story of her heart transplanted has been documented on her website.

See the video below featuring Sandeen's father talking about her transplant.

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