Mankato woman's lost class ring found after 33 years

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A Mankato woman has her high school class ring back 33 years after she lost it, KEYC-TV reports.

Debra Jaeger Soley told the station that she lost the ring in 1980 after she took it off to tan in her back yard to prevent a "tan band."

When she was done, the then-Mankato West High School senior said she picked up all of her things -- with the exception of the ring -- and went into her house.

The ring wasn't seen again until recently, when 12-year-old Danielle Hansen's dad found the ring in the mud in the back yard of Jaeger Soley's childhood home.

In turn, Hansen wanted in turn to find the ring's rightful owner, and even made the search a class project

Going by the initials "D.J." on the ring, Hansen located Jaeger Soley's maiden name -- Debra Jaeger -- in a 1980 yearbook, looked the woman up on the Internet and sent her letter.

Hansen reunited Jaeger with her ring earlier this week.

See video from KEYC below.

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