The many moods of Bobby Raps

Bobby Raps has portrayed several emotions through tracks old and new. Here is a look back at his work to help prep for his hometown show tonight.

Minnesota rapper Bobby Raps has proven to be not only an all-star producer, but also an edgy, solo artist in his own right.

Last year, Bobby managed to get production credits on the Weeknd's Starboy and the viral Hamburger Helper project. Before and after landing large-scale gigs, Bobby has released solo songs to portray several different moods.

Here is a look at the variety of tracks he's put his original flavor on, ultimately giving us a taste of what to expect on his upcoming mixtape, Mark.

Experimental sounds 

This first track, "Wear n' Tear," was released almost three years ago and has major alternative qualities. The beat includes a steady guitar sounds throughout. And as Bobby sings about giving up, a strain of "oohs" in the background echoes behind his emotional lines.

Party anthems 

If you have gone to a few events thrown by DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip, then chances are you've heard this next one. Although, the content of "F** My Baby" is little more serious than the bouncing beat it's paired with, the danceability always proves to be undeniable in a live setting. Other Bobby Raps tracks that are also guaranteed bangers, include "Say No Mo" and "Still Throwed."

Couch Potato 

The whole Couch Potato project gave space for Bobby to show yet another side. In the joint EP with Spooky Black, the two St. Paul-bred artists feed their feelings off one another.

"Frozen Tundra" is among several dynamic tracks. It begins with Spooky Black's signature deep, powerful voice. The melodic sounds of Spooky are soon cut with some deep rap lines by Bobby who purposefully asks, "What's more to life than a couple of thrills?/Back of my mind, what if none of it's real?" After some thoughtful bars, Bobby finishes off his portion of the song with softer singing to lead into Spooky's last verse. Although, Bobby's is always changing up his flow, his unshakable production help keep his tracks like this grounded.

Anime appreciation 

"Imposter" also comes from a full-length project. This time around, it was an eight-track mixtape called Wicked City, which "is a musical interpretation of the classic, 1987 anime directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, of the same name." The track is dark and Bobby sings about leaving a woman who seems to have some kind of hidden agenda. His downtempo track creates a moody tone that is enforced through lyrics like, "I can't take it anymore, cause deep down I know you're a monster."

Bobby's rasp 

In "PlaneWalker" Bobby raps in a repetitive, trap-style way with consistent rasp. In it he shows appreciation for the woman he is with and warns haters to stay in their lane. He repeatedly asks "wuhUwahnMi2dü?" (or "what you want me to do?") in a catchy manner.

Mark coming soon

Bobby Raps has already released four tracks this year. Although it is a little unclear whether these are singles off the project, in the SoundCloud description of each he mentions that he will be dropping his project Mark soon.

In his first two drops, "Desensitized" and "Purgatory," Bobby reveals true sadness about a friend he has lost to a drug overdose. Through these two songs alone, he combines all the styles he has dipped into previously, including soft singing, screaming, raspy raps and trap-influenced bars.

Everyone mourns differently, and it is clear that music has been an escape for Bobby. To keep his momentum going, he recently posted a string of self-assured tweets.

Whether he plans on performing old or new tracks, you don't want to miss what Bobby Raps has planned for his show tonight at Amsterdam Hall.

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