Maple Grove man charged in underage prostitution sting, but investigation continues


With a rise in sex trafficking through Minnesota and North Dakota, arrests for underage prostitution are, sadly, not uncommon.

What was different about this case were the ominous items found in the back of the vehicle the suspect was using to reach his teenage victim.

The trunk was lined with a "brand new tarp," and also contained rubber gloves and a large, empty suitcase, according to a criminal complaint.

These things were discovered when 43-year-old Corwin T. Moose was arrested last week at a Holiday gas station in Cottage Grove, where police say he intended to meet a 16-year-old girl for sex. He is now charged with two counts of prostitution with a minor.

The case began in September when a Minneapolis Police Department investigator noticed a ad offering the sexual services of a teenage girl. An investigation found the supposed prostitute was indeed 16 and had advertised herself because she was "in desperate need of money."

Though she initially "appeared very shameful" and unforthcoming with information, she eventually admitted that she'd had sexual relations with two men who answered her ad.

Amid the police investigation, one of those men – who authorities say is Moose – came back for more.

According to court documents, when the suspect contacted the girl again, police officers posed as the victim and set up a rendezvous at the gas station.

The teen identified Moose as one of the men with whom she had had sex – something police say he paid $80 for.

Police aren't sure what he was doing with the items in the back of his vehicle, but according to the Star Tribune, Washington County Attorney Peter Orput says the objects “tell me that we have a lot more investigating to do in this case.”

Additionally, investigators also confiscated eight computers from Moose's Maple Grove home, the Pioneer Press reports.

The Star Tribune says his first court appearance is next week.

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