Marco Rubio drops out, urges Minnesotans to support Cruz

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Sen. Ted Cruz is “the only conservative left in the race” Marco Rubio told dozens of Minnesota supporters after ending his campaign for president, the Pioneer Press reports.

The Florida senator lost the primary in his home state to frontrunner Donald Trump on Tuesday, which prompted him to drop out of the race.

Rubio thanked people in the "great state of Minnesota" in his speech Tuesday. It's the only state he won in the primaries and caucuses; although he was also victorious in Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.

“We’re always joking the last 24 hours at home that we need to move to Minnesota with a winter home in Puerto Rico and work in D.C.,” Rubio said, according to the Pioneer Press.

Rubio blamed his losing campaign on attack ads and the news media, and signaled his support for Cruz as the only candidate to stop Trump, New York Times reports.

He's called the frontrunner for the Republican nomination an "embarrassment," saying Trump's statements are "nonsensical," The Guardian notes.

To hear more of what Rubio thinks of Trump and the Republican presidential campaign, check out this video and story by Vox here.

Who's winning now?

In addition to Florida, Trump won Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina on Tuesday, Politico reports.

That puts him at 673 delegates, while 1,237 in total are needed to win the nomination, according to Real Clear Politics.

Although Cruz is in second place with 411 delegates, he didn't come away with any victories on Tuesday, but was just .2 percentage points behind Trump in Missouri.

Gov. John Kasich won his home state of Ohio, and is trailing with just 143 delegates.

In the race for the Democratic nomination, Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton beat Sen. Bernie Sanders in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and with a close call in Missouri.

She is now leading with 1,606 delegates to Sanders' 851. A total of 2,382 are needed to win the democratic nomination.

Next Tuesday, Arizona will hold primaries for both parties, Utah voters will caucus and democrats in Idaho will also caucus.

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