Marco Rubio schedules MN visit, opens campaign office ahead of caucuses


Marco Rubio is coming to Minnesota, days before the state will help pick the eventual Republican nominee for presidents.

MPR reports exactly when and where the U.S. Senator from Florida will be here isn't yet known.

The Team Marco MN Twitter tweeted the news Thursday, as did a few others:

The Team Rubio MN Facebook also posted about his upcoming appearance.

Rubio of course is running to be the Republican Party's nominee for president. To get there, he'll need to gather delegates through the primary and caucuses process – a way for Democrats and Republicans in each state to weigh in on who they'd like to see their party's nominee be.

Minnesota caucuses

The Minnesota caucuses are March 1, at 7 p.m. – a day known as “Super Tuesday”, as it's one of 12 states selecting its preferred candidates then. There are 38 delegates up for grabs in the state.

For context, Real Clear Politics has a running delegate tally – after Iowa and New Hampshire, Rubio has 10 total delegates. The eventual nominee will need 2,472 to win. Donald Trump leads right now with 17 delegates, and Sen. Ted Cruz has 11.

You can find where to vote in the Minnesota caucuses by going here, to the Secretary of State website. To take part in a caucus, all you have to do is be registered to vote, go to the caucus for the precinct you live in, and "generally agree with" the principles of the political party holding the caucus.

Last month, the Star Tribune published a survey asking Minnesota Republicans who they would prefer to see as the Republican presidential nominee. He came in first place with 23 percent of the vote – just ahead of Cruz at 21 percent.

Most of the attention surrounding the presidential election has been on South Carolina and Nevada this week, where state primaries and caucuses will be held in the coming days, Heavy reports. According to FiveThirtyEight’s polls-plus forecast, Donald Trump has a 73 percent chance of winning the South Carolina primary, while Rubio has a 14 percent chance.

Rubio campaign office open

The announcement of an upcoming visit came the same day Rubio officially opened his Minnesota campaign office in Maple Grove – something he said last week was coming.

Rubio previously announced Jeff Johnson, former Hennepin County commissioner and the 2014 Republican gubernatorial candidate, as the state chairperson for his campaign. Last month, he named the rest of his Minnesota leadership team ahead of a fundraiser in Minneapolis.

Johnson told MinnPost their focus is “solely” on getting Rubio supporters to show up for the March 1 caucus, adding the hope is “to win the caucus and bring more delegates for Rubio [to the Republican National Convention] than anyone else.”

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