Mark Dayton's sweary response to GOP claims about his tax plan

The Republican claims are BS, apparently.
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A radio interview with Governor Mark Dayton turned unexpectedly vulgar when he called GOP claims about his tax plan "bull****."

A WCCO Radio producer had to act fast to bleep out the second half of the profanity when the governor revealed his anger about the Republican response to his tax proposals.

"Just bull****," Dayton said when asked how he responds to claims his tax proposal would raise taxes on the majority of Minnesotans, "or as Teddy Roosevelt used to say, bull feathers."

You can listen to the exchange here.

Dayton is into his final year in office and appears to be adopting more of a gloves-off attitude knowing he won't have to fight a re-election campaign.

It comes amid a disagreement between the governor and the GOP-led Legislature about how best to make Minnesota's tax code conform to the new federal tax bill passed by Congress in December.

If the tax code isn't reconciled, then Minnesotans face paying hundreds of millions more dollars in federal taxes.


– The average American starts swearing around 11 a.m.

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As KSTP reports, Dayton says his tax plan would lower tax bills for more than 2 million Minnesotans and their families, while keeping deductions for state taxes that you can no longer deduct from your federal taxes.

But the GOP has cited Revenue Department analysis that suggests Minnesotans could potentially pay more under the plan because it retains a tax on medical services that can be indirectly passed on via insurance premiums.

The Republicans released their own tax proposal on Saturday, which calls for a cut to the second-lowest income tax bracket from 7.05 to 6.75 percent over the next two years. It also raises the standard deductions.

The Star Tribune notes that if no bill is passed, the federal tax changes will add an extra $489 to the bills of 870,000 Minnesota households.

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