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Maroon 5 channel Pokémon Go for "Don't Wanna Know" video

The new Maroon 5 video, featuring cameos from Sarah Silverman, Vince Vaughn and Shaq, will make you think twice before you throw your next Pokéball.

This week we've been buzzing over the latest Kendrick Lamar-assisted Maroon 5 single "Don't Wanna Know," thanks to its catchy hook and infectious harmony. This morning, the music video premiered on NBC's Today, and while the Pokémon Go motif is not something we expected, wow, did they take it in a whole bunch of directions.

Beginning with the struggles of being a creature pursued en masse by sprinting cell phone users (with a cameo from Ed Helms), as well as dealing with the love lost as a result of a soulmate (played by Sarah Silverman) being captured, the second half of the video takes the Maroon 5-as-pocket-monster concept to dizzying heights. From the costumed band performing and partying with a monster-Shaq, to plotting an uprising with Vince Vaughn, all the way to a 4th wall-breaking Adam Levine faux-discussing the seriousness of the video with the director, there's layers to this treatment.

The clip's directed by David Dobkin, who also directed the Sandler classic The Wedding Singer, meaning the comedic timing is on point throughout. We don't have a release date yet for the next Maroon 5 album, but when it comes to their singles, we gotta catch 'em all!

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