Marty Seifert to announce he'll run for governor


Former Minnesota House Minority Leader Marty Seifert plans to announce on Thursday that he'll run for governor. A press release says he plans three kick-off events (below) in his hometown of Marshall, in St. Paul and then Mankato.

The Republican lawmaker ran for governor in 2010 but ultimately lost out to Tom Emmer at the GOP convention. Emmer lost to DFL Gov. Mark Dayton in the general election.

Seifert joins five other Republicans in the race to replace Dayton. They have been critical of the governor as they laid out their stances on taxes, jobs and education, MPR News reports. MPR has a look at the candidates: Rob Farnsworth, a special education teacher from Hibbing; businessman Scott Honour; Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson; former talk show host and State Sen. Dave Thompson; and six-term state Rep. Kurt Zellers.

Seifert last month did well in a straw poll at a GOP convention, even though he did not campaign for the vote and was a write-in candidate. MinnPost reported the votes broke this way:

Johnson, 35 percent
Thompson, 27 percent
Seifert, 18 percent
Zellers, 7.6 percent
Farnsworth, 6 percent
Honour, 4 percent

Seifert has been an outspoken opponent of Obamacare, FOX 9 notes. Seifert, 41, was first elected to the state House in 1996 and served seven terms.

Here are the events he plans for Thursday:

8:30 a.m. – Marshall City Hall, 344 W. Main St.

1:30 p.m. – State Office Building, Room 181, 100 Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd, St. Paul

4 p.m. – Happy Chef, 51646 U.S. Hwy 169, Mankato

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