Maxim Super Bowl Party organizer responds to models' sexual harassment stories

Karma International says it does not condone or support harassment.

The company that produced the Maxim Super Bowl Show in Minneapolis has finally responded to complaints from three models who say they were subjected to sexual harassment at the event.

Felicia Cluraghty, Molly Rennick and Nikoline Bangen all spoke to GoMN after the $750 minimum ticket party the night before the Super Bowl, saying they were groped and propositioned by some of the men in attendance.


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Karma International, which operated the Maxim-branded event, told GoMN that it "commends the ladies" for speaking out, but added that they should have done more when it happened to hold those responsible accountable.

Here's its statement.

”We do not condone or support harassment of anyone women or men. Nothing was reported to our 60+ security or 300+ staff on that evening. If so, the offenders would have been ejected.

“It’s unfortunate that not one of the ladies in the GoMN articles brought it to our staffs [sic] attention on the night of the event so that the perpetrator could have been ejected and taught that harassment is not acceptable.

“We do commend the ladies for speaking out, but they should do more when it happens to take action by reporting the actual offenders so they can be stopping [sic] and hopefully deterred from assaulting anyone else."

The women respond

Cluraghty, Rennick and Bangen all reported varying experiences with sexual harassment on the night, the worst of which was experienced by Cluraghty, of Minneapolis, who says she was groped and grabbed around the neck by an unidentified guest.

Despite Karma saying it had a 60-plus security team at the event, Cluraghy re-iterated what she said last week, that if there were, they were definitely hard to find.

"I did attempt to find security to report," she said, "I couldn't locate any."

She then said she tried to leave the event after it happened, but because of the fiasco ongoing in coat checking (where coats were lost, misplaced and in some cases stolen as party-goers waited as long as an hour for their items) she was unable to do that either.

"The point being is we were used to herd in the men. We were used so they would pay large sums of money and the event was not as promised."

Rennick, of Toronto, said that men staffing the event were among those sexually harassing models, she also says she saw few security guards on site.

"The only security guards I saw were the ones keeping everyone away from the red carpet," she said.

Karma has not responded to Rennick's claim about harassment from staff members.

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