May in MN: There's a freeze warning for half the state tonight

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If you plan to hit the water early tomorrow morning for Minnesota's fishing opener, you should probably dress warmly.

The National Weather Service issued freeze warnings tonight for essentially the entire western half of Minnesota. (You can see specific counties from the Twin Cities, Sioux Falls, and Grand Forks offices.)

What does that mean?

"Sub-freezing temperatures are imminent or highly likely" for those areas, the National Weather Service says.

Temperatures will range from 29-32 degrees in the Twin Cities and parts of central Minnesota such as St. Cloud, where the warning is in effect from 3 a.m.-9 a.m. on Saturday.

Snow near Grand Forks

There are some reports of snow near Grand Forks, including 0.2 inches in Lake City, South Dakota, the National Weather Service says.

And there some of it has even made its way to the northeast. That photo up top is from near the U.S.-Canada border, around Birchdale.

There are also gusting winds and highs that are 25 degrees below normal for May, the Grand Forks station tweeted.

If you're not planning to fish, but you've started your garden early

Cover the plants or bring them inside – the freezing temperatures can kill crops or sensitive vegetation, NWS said.

Frost is expected on Saturday and Sunday morning.

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