Mayo sets marriage deadline for same-sex staff in domestic partnerships

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The Rochester-based Mayo Clinic earlier this week signaled to its same-sex employees who live with their partners that they would have to get married or the partners would lose health benefits.

The company's message: Now that it's legal for same-sex couples to marry in Minnesota, benefits will no longer be extended to live-in lovers unless the couples make it official. Gay marriage became legal in Minnesota on Aug. 1.

Now Mayo has set a wedding date for its staff in domestic partnerships – couples must get married by the end of 2014 to keep their insurance, the Rochester Post-Bulletin reports.

The company's action should not come as a surprise to employees in domestic partnerships. The health care giant began providing health benefits to employees in same-sex partnerships 13 years ago, and the policy states that if gay marriage were ever legalized, the couple would be required to get married to keep the insurance, the Post-Bulletin reports.

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