Mayor Betsy Hodges gets this week to lay out a full budget – or explain why she hasn't yet

Betsy Hodges is being sued by a tax official for missing a deadline.

Mayor Betsy Hodges has until Friday to craft the "full and complete budget" she hasn't gotten to yet – or explain to the court why she hasn't done so.

Hodges was sued late last week by Carol Becker, a high-ranking member of the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation. Becker said Hodges was supposed to release the city budget by Aug. 15.

But the mayor missed that deadline.

Hodges knew that was the case, and in a letter explained that the shooting of Justine Damond and explosion at Minnehaha Academy took up her time. She also wants new Police Chief Medaria Arradondo to be able to offer budget input.

Hodges said she'll have the detailed budget ready by Sept. 12, but Becker argued that's not enough time to digest the info before the next day's property tax hearing.

Hence the lawsuit.

On Monday, Judge Mary Vasaly ordered the mayor to "produce a full and complete budget" or show "why you have not done so" by the next court date. (Friday, according to online records.)

In other words, Hodges needs to have either a budget, or a good explanation.

The mayor's office, in a written statement through City Attorney Susan Segal, said they'll be filing a response before Friday.

Segal also called the order a "routine process," noting it isn't a ruling on how valid the lawsuit is.

"Only after the Court has reviewed the City's response and considered the parties' arguments at the Friday hearing will the Court consider the merits of the Petition," the statement reads.

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