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Media interested in Dorset's mayor ... but the reverse is not true


Bobby Tufts has been mayor of Dorset nearly half his life. And in that time many of us here in Minnesota have become familiar with his story.

By now the tale of the tiny town near Park Rapids and its tradition of drawing the new mayor's name out of a basketful of paid-for entries during their summer festival is a little like Bobby's favorite fedora: old hat.

But around the rest of the country people are still learning that a four-year-old boy is the mayor of a town of 28 residents near the headwaters of the Mississippi River. Bobby's recent re-election gave the story a new boost and led to Monday's interview on MSNBC.

Let's just say Bobby was not fully engaged in the discussion. Although his mother, Emma, did her best to keep him focused.

The interview won a rave review from New York Magazine's blog, the Daily Intelligencer.

While his honor the mayor has undoubtedly brought unprecedented attention to Dorset, don't let it be said that Bobby is all the town is known for. On the same day Bobby was looking for a way off his interview set, the self-styled Restaurant Capital of the World was the subject of a feature on the Huffington Post's travel blog.

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