Medtronic and Samsung are looking for a way to link brains and phones


Medtronic and Samsung are teaming up to create medical products that will allow doctors to read your mind.

Well, not exactly read your mind. But the Minnesota-based medical device giant is collaborating with the Japanese mobile technology giant to create a link between Medtronic's implant devices and Samsung's phones and tablets, it was announced on Friday.

Medtronic neurostimulators are implanted in people with neurological or movement disorders – such as Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, or dystonia – which then send electronic signals to targeted areas of the brain to block symptoms.

Under the partnership with Samsung, it hopes to create a way for information from these neurostimulators to be sent to patients' mobile devices – such as smartphones, wearable tech and tablets. That data can then get passed to their doctors.

This could give physicians a better idea of the levels of chronic pain patients are enduring and the extent of their symptoms, so they can more effectively manage their therapy.

"Medtronic has a track record of developing meaningful patient innovations, and this collaboration is the first step to providing more personalized patient care and arming patients and physicians with the best consumer-relevant technologies," said Tom Tefft, senior vice president and president of Neuromodulation at Medtronic.

The two companies announced another collaboration earlier this year, looking to create wearable technology that will help diabetes users manage their conditions more effectively.

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