Meet Duke: Minnesota town elects dog as mayor


A small northwestern Minnesota town has elected its new mayor – a furry, four-legged friend to all.

Duke, a 7-year-old Great Pyrenees, was elected mayor of Cormorant by a landslide vote last week, WDAY reports. He'll be sworn in on Saturday during the town's fourth annual Cormorant Daze.

Each resident of the town of 12 paid $1 to vote, KEYC says. The election for honorary mayor helped raise money for a fundraiser, BuzzFeed notes.

Residents could vote for anyone they wanted and many of them ended up putting Duke's name on the ballot.

“Poor Richard Sherbrook that owns the Cormorant Store, he didn't even have half as many votes as Duke did," Tricia Maloney, of Cormorant, told WDAY.

Residents say Duke is a friend to everyone in the town – and he's already doing his part to protect it by roaming around.

“What he does is when the cars are coming through town, they're hitting town at 50 miles per hour, and he slows them down," David Rick, of Cormorant, told WDAY.

As for Duke's salary, Tuffy's Pet Food out of Perham is donating a year's supply of dog food to reward the mayor for his service, reports say.

Cormorant is located about 3.5 hours northwest of the Twin Cities, just south of Detroit Lakes.

This isn't the first time a Minnesota town's election has made headlines. News of a small town with a small mayor has spread worldwide the last three summers. First, when Bobby Tufts, now 5, became mayor of Dorset when he was 3 years old, again when 4-year-old Bobby was re-elected and a few weeks ago, when Bobby lost the election to 16-year-old Eric Mueller.

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