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Meet SweePee Rambo, the 'World's Ugliest Dog'

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One lucky pooch has claimed the highly coveted title of "World's Ugliest Dog."

SweePee Rambo is a 17-year-old Chihuahua/Chinese Crested mix.

And according to the Guardian, the 4-pound critter is blind in both eyes, has bowed legs and an oozing sore.

Isn't that lovely?

Apart from the fame, there are some perks to being the ugliest.

SweePee – or perhaps her owner – won $1,500 and a six-foot-tall trophy, the New York Times reports.

Owner Jason Wurtz of California tells ABC News that the pup was a gift to his ex-wife. But when the couple split, Wurtz ended up keeping SweePee because she thought the dog was too ugly. Harsh.

The owner says the pooch is tough though, describing her as a "ride or die chick" that loves motorcycle rides.

On another note, there was a contestant that some people thought looked a little like one presidential candidate. Do you see it?

A female English Bulldog from No Dog Left Behind in Minnesota also competed but didn't place.

Her name is Zsa-Zsa and she was rescued from a puppy mill.


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