Meet the MN mural artist who'll capture the chaos of the State Fair on canvas

“My interpretation will show the fair’s harmony and chaos at the same time."

Every year, a Minnesota artist is chosen to use his or her skills to capture the essence of Minnesota State Fair.

The Fair announced on Tuesday who will be doing the commemorative art this year: a St. Paul man named Ta-coumba Aiken.

Aiken is known for his "rhythm paintings." They're very colorful and often made up of various patterns. You can see some of his work here.

He also serves on the board of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, and is an arts administrator and educator, with a focus on public art and collaborative projects.

According to the news release, he's helped craft more than 600 murals and public art sculptures. Like the Gillette Children’s Hospital mural, and the art outside the Robert Street Municipal Parking Ramp.

"I create my art to heal the hearts of people and their communities, by evoking positive spirit," the artist said in a statement.

And he says he's looking forward to doing just that with his State Fair piece.

"I love the Minnesota State Fair, and it is an honor to create the 2017 commemorative artwork," Aiken said. "My interpretation will show the fair’s harmony and chaos at the same time. I believe the fair is an adventure to discover just ‘one more thing,’ and the piece will allow the viewer to notice many different things each time."

His work of art will be unveiled at the State Fairgrounds in June.

Then the commemorative poster, a some signed prints and other merchandise featuring his art will be available to buy. Those proceeds will go to help preserve and improve the fairgrounds and support State Fair educational programs. The original art will also be on display in the Fine Arts Center during the 2017 State Fair.

You can check out previous Minnesota State Fair Commemorative Art and even purchase prints of them here.

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