Megabus catches fire on way to Minneapolis, luggage 'incinerated'


Authorities are now investigating what caused a bus to burst into flames while it was on its way from Chicago to Minneapolis.

The Megabus was in the north Chicago suburb of Lake Forest when it caught fire early Sunday afternoon, sending the driver and some 40 passengers scurrying out of the vehicle, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The paper quotes one passenger as saying she heard a "boom" while in the bathroom and that there was another apparent explosion when the vehicle "blew up" again. At that point, however, people had gotten off the bus.

NBC 7 in San Diego says a New York Times travel writer was onboard the bus and witnessed the incident, reporting that most of the luggage was left behind in the quick evacuation and "incinerated."

The damage to the bus seems to be major, but no injuries have been reported.

A video from ABC 7 in Chicago shows the flaming wreckage:

Megabus is an express "city center-to-city center" bus service that operates in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

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