Melvin Carter is St. Paul's next mayor

Melvin Carter III won nearly 51 percent of the vote.

St. Paul, meet your next mayor. 

Former St. Paul City Council member Melvin Carter III will succeed Mayor Chris Coleman as the next mayor of Minnesota's capital city. 

He secured nearly 51 percent of the first choice votes Tuesday night in a field of 10 candidates. The next closest candidate was Pat Harris, who won nearly 25 percent of the first choice votes. 

Carter's win makes him the first person of color ever elected mayor of St. Paul. 

He's the son of a St. Paul police officer, and has called for more diversity on the police force. His campaign characterized recent criticism from St. Paul's police union (which endorsed Harris) as evidence of racial bias in the department. (Read about the fallout here.)

In addition to police reform, another priority of Carter's is to do more for the city's children. That includes health services, affordable housing, partnerships with colleges, and affordable pre-school available to every child that wants it.

Carter's win Tuesday night was a little unexpected because of the way ranked-choice voting works. Ramsey County election officials didn't expect a winner to be called in the race so quickly, telling media outlets it could be as late as Saturday before a winner was announced. 

Meanwhile, the Minneapolis mayoral race is still too close to call. As of 10:30 p.m., no candidate had secured the majority of first choice votes required to be declared a winner. 

With all but one precinct reporting, Jacob Frey was leading with the most first choice votes at 25 percent. A winner for the race will likely be announced Wednesday after election officials tabulate second and third choice votes to determine a winner. 

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