Melvin Carter's attempt to 're-imagine' St. Paul City Hall is underway

The mayor-elect has plans to hire diverse talent for high-level positions.

During his resoundingly successful mayoral campaign, Melvin Carter said St. Paul needs to "re-imagine the role of City Hall."

Well, the Mayor-elect is making a start doing just that with a hiring announcement on Monday.

Marking what he calls a "significant break from the insider decision-making process" of decades past, Carter has launched a push to attract "diverse talent" to take up key roles within his administration.


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There will be, he says, a more transparent hiring process than usual, with recommendations made to him by 10 separate panels of "community members, policy experts, and civic leaders." Those panels will review candidates for director-level positions within City Hall.

These include positions for city attorney, and directors for the Public Works, Planning and Economic Development, HR, Technology and Communications, and Library departments.

Oh, and a new director for the Parks and Recreation Department.

"This approach to hiring will ensure that a diverse, community-centered group of voices lead in the selection of these crucial positions to guide the future of Saint Paul," a release from the Carter camp says.

It follows a campaign in which Carter said he wants to see growth in St. Paul "reach all corners of our city," and is in favor of a more diversified local government – particularly within the police department.

“To build a Saint Paul that works for all of us, City Hall must reflect and respond to everyone who calls our city home,” Carter said in a news release.

"This new community hiring effort delivers on the change that Saint Paul residents are seeking. I encourage all interested candidates to submit their resumes for consideration as we begin building a city that works better for all of us.”

Carter, who takes over from current mayor Chris Coleman in January, last week hired Jaime Tincher, Gov. Mark Dayton's chief of staff, to be his deputy mayor and lead his transition team.

Carter's news release notes Tincher led similar community hiring panels to boost diversity in executive positions while working at the governor's office.

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