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Message scrawled in bathroom leads to more police at Twin Cities high school

Police said they don't think the message has any credibility.

A message scrawled on the wall in a Blaine High School women's bathroom has led police to increase their presence at the school today – though they don't believe the note is "credible."

Blaine Police Department in a news release said the school resource officer was told about it around 2 p.m. They described it as "vague," but say it "could have been construed as a potential threat."

There are a couplephotos of the apparent message on Twitter. It says: "2-9-17 will be Blaine's bloodest day."

Police said they looked into it, and ultimately don't believe the message "has any credibility" or that there's any safety concerns with it.

Still, as a precaution at to make students feel safe, there will be more patrols and police presence at the school throughout the day.

Threats at schools

National School Safety and Security Services looked at violent threats at schools in 2014-15. The group found 812 violent threats (up from the year before) over the course of five months, with about three-quarters of them referencing a bombing or shooting.

Threats were found in 46 different states.

More than one-third of the threats were sent electronically, and many of those came over social media.

Threats written on bathroom walls, called in, or verbally communicated.

There were also more reports of bullying and harassment following the 2016 election – CBS News had a story on there here. The Southern Poverty Law Center recorded 437 reports of "hateful intimidation and harassment" in the six days after Nov. 8.

Graffiti at Maple Grove High School during that time included phrases such as "white America" and "go back to Africa."

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