Met Council population projection: 'Burbs will surge'


If you could time travel to 2040, you would find a population jump of almost a million people in the Twin Cities metro area, with much of the growth centered in the suburbs.

The Pioneer Press cites an updated preliminary report released Wednesday by the Metropolitan Council. The revised projections show that by 2040, 3.67 million people will reside in the seven-county metro area, up from 2.85 million people in 2010. The council predicts those additional residents will make up 400,000 new households, with 17 percent of them locating in the central cities, 27 percent in the fully developed suburbs, 47 percent in the developing suburbs and 9 percent in rural areas.

ECM Publishers added that the overall 30-year regional forecast has been revised downward by about 70,000 from September projections, reflecting more recent Census Bureau projections.

Booming suburbs include Woodbury, expected to grow from 61,961 residents in the 2010 count to 87,200 in 2040, and Eagan, expected to jump from 64,206 to 80,200 residents. The Met Council also projects the population of Lake Elmo will nearly triple, going from 8,061 to 21,200 and the number of residents of Belle Plaine will double, increasing from 6,661 to 13,300.

The full report is available at It is also available via the Met Council Facebook page. The Met Council says that it is required by law to release 30-year regional and local forecasts at least once a decade, to provide a foundation for coordinated regional planning. The Met Council will consider adoption of Thrive MSP 2040, and regional and local forecasts, in May. In 2015, the Council will again review and revise regional and local forecasts.

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