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Meth use and manufacturing spikes in western Wisconsin


A recent meth bust in July in La Crosse, Wis,. has officials worried about an increase in arrests - and a fear that use and manufacturing of the drug may be on a significant rise.

"So far this year we've had approximately 40 arrests for methamphetamine use. Both use and manufacturing," La Crosse Police Sgt. Randy Rank tells WXOW-TV.

One investigator tells the station that while meth use has increased, it's difficult to give a specific number of meth labs he's seen. When the unit investigates, they generally look at how many cooks there are, says WXOW.

Aside from being a dangerous endeavor for cooks or users, the labs are a serious public safety concern, with always the threat of an explosion.

Ranks tells the Associated Press that the recent bust was in a hotel room, and people in the adjoining rooms were at risk of a possible explosion.

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