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Metro drivers merely average for safety – and don't blame the snow


Minnesota may be a land where all the children are above average ... but the state's drivers are pretty middle-of-the-pack.

A new report from Allstate says that among the 200 largest U.S. cities, Minneapolis was ranked 90th for safe drivers, and St. Paul was No. 103.

Those rankings were the lowest for both cities since Allstate started compiling its report nine years ago.

The report says that Minneapolis drivers, on average, go 9.3 years between accidents, and in St. Paul it's 9.0 years.

This was the first year that Allstate in its analysis controlled for factors that include city population density – and notably, also rain and snow, which means you can't blame wintry weather for the middling rankings.

When snow and rain were factored, St. Paul was ranked as the city with the 107th-safest drivers, but Minneapolis actually improved to 87th.

Where are the safest drivers overall? The report says:

1. Ft. Collins, Colorado
2. Brownsville, Texas
3. Boise, Idaho
4. Kansas City, Kansas
5. Huntsville, Alabama
6. Montgomery, Alabama
7. Visalia, California
8. Laredo, Texas
9. Madison, Wisconsin
10. Olathe, Kansas

And the least safe drivers:

191. New Haven, Connecticut
192. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
193. Alexandria, Virginia
194. Glendale, California
195. Baltimore, Maryland
196. Providence, Rhode Island
197. Springfield, Massachusetts
198. Washington, DC
199. Boston, Massachusetts
200. Worcester, Massachusetts

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