Metro Mobility driver charged with sexually assaulting passenger


A bus driver for Metro Mobility has been charged with sexually assaulting a female passenger last week.

Prosecutors say the driver, Segundo Domingo Aucapina, 44, of Minneapolis, picked up the victim from her group home on Nov. 3, drove to a secluded area in Maple Grove and used an umbrella to shield the assault from the vehicle's on-board surveillance cameras, KSTP reports.

The victim is a 23-year-old woman with the delayed age development of a 12 to 14-year old girl, authorities say.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman was alone with Aucapina when she boarded the bus that morning.

An automated locator which tracks the vehicle's movements shows the bus went off course on two occasions.

The first was when Aucapina drove to a gas station. The second was when he drove to a nearby parking lot and parked the bus in a "secluded location," opened the umbrella in front of the surveillance camera, and assaulted the victim, the Star Tribune reports.

Afterward, the bus picked up a second passenger and the victim passed a note to that person saying she'd been assaulted. That passenger helped the victim contact police, the newspaper reports.

According to the complaint, the victim told police Aucapina fondled her breasts, penetrated her with his fingers and forced her to touch his penis. She also said he had assaulted her a week earlier, according to KSTP.

Aucapina was charged Monday in Hennepin County with third-degree criminal sexual conduct. He is in custody on $150,000 bail and is expected to appear in court Thursday, according to the Star Tribune.

Metro Mobility is a transportation service operated by the Metropolitan Council for people who can't ride regular buses due to a disability or health condition. It contracts with a private company, Transit Team, to provide that service in the western suburbs, the Star Tribune says.

A Transit Team executive told KSTP that Aucapina has been a driver with the company for seven months, but was fired in the wake of his arrest.

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