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Metro Transit puts brakes on Rides to Rewards program


The Metro Transit Ride to Rewards program is coming to an end less than three years after it was launched, the Pioneer Press reports.

The program, which began in 2010, offered public transit riders points for their Go-To Cards. In turn, riders could redeem a minimum of 250 points for $5 to $10 gift cards that could be used anywhere.

According to Metro Transit's director of customer services and marketing, Bruce Howard, the program is ending because its private contractor -- Transit Treasure -- is no longer able to fund and operate it.

Howard told the Pioneer Press that Metro Transit explored options to keep the program opened and explored other vendors, but they were unable to pay any of the costs.

The transit official told the paper that of the 5,700 users who qualified for the rewards, only 751 of them showed any interest in redeeming the points.

Starting Friday, those with 250 points or less will lose them, and the people with more than 250 points can redeem them for transit fare, Metro Transit spokesman John Siqveland told the Pioneer Press.

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