Metro Transit sets new ridership record, thanks to sports and the State Fair


Between sports and the Minnesota State Fair, Metro Transit set a new single-day ridership record.

Sept. 1 was a busy day in the Twin Cities. The Twins, Vikings, Gophers and Saints all had home games. And on top of that, the State Fair was going on.

That day, Metro Transit says it provided nearly 370,000 rides.

And that's not the only record that was set.

According to the news release, a single-day light rail ridership record was set that day with more than 117,000 rides.

And the Blue Line had its busiest day ever with close to 59,000 rides.

After all, it is the transit 'System of the Year.'

Metro Transit and the State Fair

Metro Transit says its State Fair service is the second-largest transit operation in Minnesota during the fair.

This year, it provided a record number of express bus and regular route rides to and from the fair – more than 632,500 rides. That beat last year’s record ridership by about 10 percent.

“Throughout the 2016 State Fair, Minnesotans made record use of the Park & Ride stations across the Twin Cities,” Lt. Governor Tina Smith said in a statement. “This strong ridership is another indicator that when Minnesotans have access to a robust transit system, they use it.”

The State Fair was notably busier this year, too. It also busted some records including an all-time attendance record with more than 1.9 million visitors over the course of 12 days.

A single-day State Fair attendance record was set on the second Saturday with 260,000 visitors.

Metro Transit provided 73,667 rides to and from the fairgrounds that day.

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