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Michele Bachmann rules out running for Senate

She asked God for an answer, but didn't hear the call.

There will be no return to Congress for Michele Bachmann this year, as she's ruled out a run for Senate.

The former representative for Minnesota's 6th Congressional District said last month she was considering a run for Al Franken's former seat and planned to ask God for guidance.

But on Saturday, she told radio host Jan Markell: "It became very clear to me that I wasn't hearing any call from God to do this."

Perhaps she got the message from the billboard placed in St. Paul last week.


– Billboard message from 'God' to Michele Bachmann appears in St. Paul.

It mean that the field of potential Republican Senate candidates has narrowed, as members of both the GOP and DFL in Minnesota start precinct caucuses on Tuesday.

Both Minnesota Senate seats will be up for grabs this November, an unusual occurrence that was caused by Al Franken's resignation at the beginning of January.

Sen. Tina Smith has taken his place and plans to run on the DFL ticket to win the right to see out the remaining two years of Franken's term.

On the Republican side, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty has ruled himself out of a Senate run, though MPR reports he's reportedly mulling another run for governor.

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