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Michele Bachmann suggests Trump tapes came from Hillary Clinton

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has had her say on the now notorious "Trump tapes."

Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann has responded to the latest controversy to dog Donald Trump.

The revelation on Friday of the now infamous "hot mic" tapes in which Trump made lewd comments about women in a 2005 conversation with Billy Bush has put the Republican candidate on the ropes ahead of Sunday's debate.

And though many prominent Republican leaders, including former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and current House majority leader Kurt Daudt, have called on Trump to step down, Bachmann instead pointed the finger of blame at his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Bachmann, who retired from the Minnesota 5th Congressional District at the end of 2014, is a Trump supporter and believes the tapes came about because of the Clinton camp. She also repeated Trump's initial response that this was "locker room" talk.

"I think what we've been hearing last Friday night is actually pretty predictable," she told CNN on Saturday. "The Clinton campaign had to change the conversation because she had a lot of really bad news this week."

"And so this 11-year-old bad boy locker room talk, this is how she wanted to do it. She's trying to tell the media what she wants them to focus on; the questions she wants Anderson Cooper and the people in the room to ask her on Sunday night."

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