Michele Bachmann's 'bitter and bizarre' home stretch to the Iowa Caucus

Two top Iowa campaign aides gone, claims of a campaign payoff, and invoking a former British Prime Minister. Michele Bachmann limps toward Tuesday's Iowa Caucus.

Michelle Bachmann lost her second Iowa campaign aide in as many days, while the presidential candidate continued a campaign to discredit the other defector for taking a payoff from the Ron Paul campaign.

Wednesday, Iowa Senator Kent Sorenson jumped ship for the Ron Paul camp, saying he stood a better chance of making a showing in Tuesday's caucuses. Bachmann insists Sorenson took a 'large sum of money' to switch, a claim Sorenson denies. On Thursday, another aide, Iowa political directo Wes Enos, quit his post after publicly contradicting Bachmann's payoff claim. The Washington Post points out it's a tumultuous sprint to the finish line that could end Bachmann's 2012 ambitions.

The candidate's insistence on sticking with the Ron Paul payoff story seems to be getting in the way of Bachmann's intended target message that she wants to be the American Iron Lady--a Margaret Thatcher for the White House.

Meanwhile, Bachmann scored another connection to British leaders when she tied with Queen Elizabeth on the USA Today/Gallop Poll of Most Admired Women.

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Bachmann TV ad hits airwaves one-day before Iowa caucuses

Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann was born and raised in Iowa. The presidential candidate is reminding Iowa's Republican caucus voters of those roots in her only TV ad airing less than 24-hours before Tuesday's caucuses. The Des Moines Register reports the spot started airing across the state Monday.

Bachmann quietly approaches caucus

In a far cry from her Straw Poll victory over the summer, Michele Bachmann's poll numbers have dropped and her money had dried up. She is keeping a light schedule leading up to Iowa's first in the nation caucus.

On the road with Michele Bachmann

The GOP presidential candidate is campaigning in Iowa and feels the media fail to accurately portray her. The Huffington Post says Bachmann needs to win over Midwest voters to resuscitate her candidacy.

Hecklers disrupt Michele Bachmann's campaign stop in Iowa City

A group of protesters, and one man dressed in a costume who called himself the "gay robot professor," heckled and chanted when Michele Bachmann rolled into the Hamburg Inn in Iowa City. Campaign officials reportedly cranked up the holiday music in an attempt to drown out the protesters, and things got a little bit heated between bystanders and hecklers.

Top Iowa Bachmann backer defects to Ron Paul campaign

Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson is throwing his support to Ron Paul's campaign. Sorenson had served as Bachmann's Iowa campaign chair for about a year and had appeared with Bachmann just hours before making his surprise announcement switching his allegiance.