Minneapolis lands on list of top cities for job seekers


A new report on a financial website sends job seekers to Minneapolis.

The Business Journal reports that Minneapolis ranked eighth on the list of the most promising U.S. cities for job seekers compiled by NerdWallet.com, which analyzed the largest 50 cities in the United States. The score for each city was derived from its unemployment rate, recent population growth and cost of living. The listing also praised the city's recreational, cultural and educational offerings.

The top city for job seekers according to the NerdWallet list was Austin, Tex., followed by Washington, D.C. and Fort Worth, Tex. The only other Midwestern city in the top ten was Omaha, Neb., which ranked seventh.

Earlier this week, a projection by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis said the state would experience a 1.2 percent growth in employment in the coming year. The November unemployment rate in Minnesota dropped to 4.6 percent, among the lowest in the nation. The national rate hovers around 7 percent.

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