Mike Pence hails success of Twin Cities during Minneapolis visit

The Twin Cities are proof his government's policies are working, the VP says.
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Vice President Mike Pence says the Twin Cities are proof that his government's efforts to lower taxes and cut business red tape are working.

The Veep was speaking at the "Tax Cuts to Put America First" event, run by American First Policies, at the Minneapolis Convention Center Wednesday morning.

"I bring greetings from a friend and from a man who loves Minnesota," Pence started off. "I bring greetings from the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump." 

Among those in attendance was Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Minnesota's Republican congressional delegation, Reps. Tom Emmer, Jason Lewis and Erik Paulsen.

Pence said Paulsen, who introduced him, has been "fighting every day shoulder-to-shoulder with President Trump" to "make good" on his promises to help Minnesotans.

He also referred to Lewis and Emmer as "great friends of mine, fellow conservatives" and "strong allies of our president."

"They have been standing with this administration every step of the way. They have been putting America first and they have been putting Minnesota first."

"Minnesota has long been, and continues to be today, America's star in the North," he added, praising the state's residents.

What he talked about

After touching on the president's investments in the military and the funding of the border walls ("We're going to build it all"), Pence hailed the efforts to tackle the "scourge of opioid addiction" across Minnesota and the country.

"We will make this the generation that ends the opiate crisis in America," he said, after re-iterating his government's $6 billion investment to battle opioid addiction. 

"We will continue to make school safety the top national priority of this administration," he then continued, referring to pledges made by Trump following the Parkland, Florida shooting.

He praised Paulsen, Lewis and Emmer again for their support helping cut government red tape, including environmental regulations like the Clean Power Plan and the Clean Water Rule.

Most of his focus was on the economic changes his government has made since taking office, notably through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill passed in December.

"We're just one year into administration and with all the progress we've made together, the results have been nothing short of remarkable."

Pence credits GOP policy with Twin Cities success

Speaking on Wednesday and writing in the Star Tribune, Pence says the GOP's policies can take credit with plummeting metro area unemployment and job creation.

He claims once all the tax cuts go into effect, workers in Minnesota will see raises of $4,500 a year.

"In 2017 unemployment in the Minneapolis area fell by 17 percent, while in the last year of the previous administration Minnesota lost 1,000 manufacturing jobs.

"Since election day, businesses across the state have created 7,600 good-paying, new manufacturing and construction jobs across the state."

Unemployment has been falling in the Twin Cities metro, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics putting the rate at just 2.3 percent in October.

Since then, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that has slashed corporate tax rates for businesses.

Major companies announced bonuses for employees in the wake of the tax cuts, with some others – like Target and Walmart – continuing with plans to increase minimum wages for hourly workers.

"...Our tax cuts make American companies competitive anywhere in the world — and as Minnesota knows, when the playing field is level for business, American workers win," Pence wrote in the Star Tribune.

Pence is expected back in Minnesota before the 2018 mid-terms, as is President Donald Trump, as Minnesota hosts two crucial Senate elections as well as a number of too-close-to-call House races.

Paulsen's presence attracted some protesters outside, with the 3rd District representative coming in for criticism for not holding public Town Halls.

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