Hunkered down Minnesotans won't go hungry as cold descends

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If you're going to be stuck inside until the weather breaks, you don't want to go hungry.

In advance of the temperature plummet, WCCO reported that grocery stores were extra busy on Saturday as shoppers stocked up before the winter blast. KSTP reported that business at the Kowalski's grocery store in St. Paul topped an average Saturday by 50 percent. A manager at a Rainbow store told FOX 9 that business there was up by 25 percent.

Store shelves were empty in some places as shoppers stocked up. KSTP showed the shelves at the Target in Richfield, which sold out of milk and eggs. The scene was the same across the state, where parking lots were full.

The Star Tribune talked to one of those shoppers. “I’m expecting to be trapped,” Minneapolis resident Laura Baier told the newspaper as she loaded a cart with bread, fruit and vegetables at Rainbow Foods, which is shutting down all Minnesota stores Monday evening so employees and truck drivers aren’t out in the cold. “I’m expecting my car to not start for one, two, three days.”

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